sweaters, sweaters…everywhere…

…and not just because it is frigid outside, but because I am obsessed with recycling old sweaters! I just made another trip to my local thrift store and loaded up with another batch of wool sweaters (and a few cotton ones, too). I have great plans for all these lovely sweaters…

Oh, so many things to be made…purses, pillows, coffee cozies and needle caddies. First, a few pillows:

I’d better get off the computer and back to work. Needle caddies coming up next! Stay tuned for updates. Many of these pieces can be purchased from my etsy shop…but some will not be listed as I have to work on my stock for this year’s Farmer’s Market booth.

Stay warm!

down for the count…

I had a silly little accident the other day. I slipped on a piece of paper on my dining room floor. Yes, I’m a klutz but it didn’t help that I had my fuzzy, wuzzy, comfy socks on. My toes were freeeeezing so I had to pull out the socks-o-death.  You see, I’ve had more than one incident whilst wearing them.  Anyway, as I did a less-than-graceful split across the dining room, I twisted in such a manner that I pulled a muscle in my back. Grrrr.

Needless to say, I’ve been on the couch ALL weekend. I couldn’t just lie here so I asked my daughter to grab all of my needles, crochet hooks and yarn. And a couple hours later….ta-da!!!:


cozy neck warmer

...another neck warmer with vintage button...

...another neck warmer with vintage button...

floral lariat/necklace...

floral lariat/necklace...

...can be worn several different ways

...can be worn several different ways

So, even though the laundry is not done, the house is not vacuumed, all is not lost because I got several little winter projects underway. Check out my etsy store soon as I will be listing some of these goodies!

New Items Added to Etsy Shop!

I’ve been working fast and furiously to get some cute new summer items into the shop and here is a sampling…




Click on the “SHOP” tab at the upper right to see all the new items. Hurry and get your’s now before they’re sold out!

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For Cora


If you do nothing else today, please read Cora Paige’s story.  You can follow this link for the most recent updates:


I first learned about Cora here (a wonderfully creative, talented and giving  blogger). Sadly, baby Cora went to heaven on February 8th. Please keep all those that knew and loved Cora in your thoughts and prayers. I cannot stop thinking about this precious baby girl and her parents and feel so helpless…but…there are ways to help.

A playground is being built to honor her life. What can you do? You can make a donation by directly visiting http://corapaige.blogspot.com. You can also click the Pink Cora Playground button to the right and purchase one of the many beautiful hand-crafted items from etsy shop owners –  who have banded together and are donating  the profits from these special Cora Paige items towards helping build Cora’s playground.

This is such a wonderful way to honor an amazing little life. Please do what you can.

To learn more about Cora’s Playground visit:


**my heart felt thank you goes to the shop owner of The Wool Gathering for donating the lovely wool yarn used to make many of my etsy Cora Paige items! **

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