the halls are decked…

Not much going on around here. Just finished up the Christmas decorating…

2013-12-011…and found a great little vintage stool that I painted yellow. I just needed something next to the chair to hold a beverage or magazine and didn’t want a large side/end table…so, a $9 stool and some yellow spray paint and ta-da!


Christmas glitter houses

I had planned on spending the day cleaning but I’ve been dying to get crafty so I put the vacuum cleaner away and got out the cardboard houses I had purchased from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago.

I’ve been eyeing Christmas glitter houses for quite some time. I had originally planned on constructing mine from scratch but because I was afraid I’d never get them made before Christmas I decided to purchase the pre-made type. I’ve been collecting glitter, small trees and embellishments for these houses so I was all ready to get started.

I got out my paint and started to prime…

2013-11-24The small trees and wreaths were dark green so I put them in a bath of bleach and in no time they were white!

I then painted the houses in pastel colors and added some glitter…


I added snow flakes to the bases (my kitchen is now completely covered in the stuff!).

2013-11-242I added some embellishments to the roofs, glued parchment paper to the insides of the windows, added fences (which I made out of foam core and hot glue) and placed the wreaths, trees and deer…then added some lights and voila!

IMG_6233I love the way these little beauties look with warm glowing windows!






weekend roundup

I’ve been good all summer and haven’t gone to a single yard sale/estate sale. As the season winds down, I find myself yearning to hit a sale. So…last week I hit several and gathered a few items…

vintage yellow tin

bottle brush trees and misc ornaments

mid century modern dresser

I also, finally, got my new pendant lights up in the office and dining room. Here’s a shot of the new office light…

Thank you,, I LOVE my new lights!

A Handmade Christmas

For as long as I can remember holiday time meant homemade Christmas decorations. From salt dough ornaments to macaroni snowflakes to hand-painted wooden ornaments…my parents’ Christmas tree has always been adorned with the ornaments me and my siblings made. I still remember the smell of salt clay and the taste- because come on, what kid can resist taking a bite of clay?

Although the days of sticky dough and messy glue are gone (well, maybe a bit of messy glue is still necessary!), I still enjoy making my own Christmas ornaments and decorations.

I usually try to use whatever I have on hand – pipe cleaners, felt, glue, spray paint, glitter, or paper. From paper snowflakes to sewn felt ornaments – I think homemade is the best!

This year I had a bunch of left over craft felt so I got busy cutting, sewing and stuffing and came up with these…


…super cute, and super easy. All you need is felt, rick-rack, ribbon, a sewing machine and a bit of stuffing to give the ornament dimension.

Another favorite, and super simple ornament – pipe cleaner snowflakes:


You simply cut lengths of pipe cleaner (use old scissors or wire cutters) and twist them together to form snowflakes.

This year I snagged a ton of glass ornaments on clearance and decided to decorate them with glue and glitter:


These are a bit messy and time consuming but they are really cute. Since I had the glitter out and had a bunch of dried beechnuts, I decided to glitter them as well…

I tied ribbon to them and hung them on my branch display. I love these, and so does the cat! We find them on the floor almost every morning. I knew I wanted to decorate with white branches this Christmas so in the fall I collected and spray- painted branches white and then used them for display…


And also made them into a wreath that I then wrapped with a garland I purchased at Ikea.


So…go root through your drawers and see what great things you can find to make your own homemade ornaments. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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