what are the chances?

Remember this…

the retro dresser I found at the local thrift store and made into our tv stand? What are the chances that I would find another dresser just like this one? Apparently, pretty good because I found another at our local thrift store…exactly like the first one! This dresser wasn’t as pristine as the last one but it was marked down to $17. YES, $17!!! I knew I could work my magic for that price. In typical Nifty Thrifty Girl fashion, I was so anxious to transform the piece that I forgot to take some before pics to show how ugly it was. I did snap some photos of the drawers so you can get the idea of its gold/yellow ugliness…

And a shot of it primed…

And…the finished product…

Our new dining room buffet. I thought the original drawer pulls & knobs were pretty cool so I painted them with a satin nickel spray paint and re-installed them.

Not bad for a mere $17, eh? I spent more on the paint & spray paint than I did on the dresser!

Have a project you’d like help with? Don’t hesitate to contact me!  Stay tuned for more re-dos that I will be offering for sale.




Decorating for Less – Halloween

I don’t typically decorate for Halloween but when I was approached to sample some Halloween decorations from Family Dollar I was up for the challenge!

When decorating, I typically like to make use of my collections or items I have on hand in the house. I knew exactly where I was going to do my Halloween display and had an idea of what items of my own I would use. All I needed was some Halloween inspiration and I found it at my local Family Dollar store.

Some purple lights, some witch garland…and a couple of bags of candy and…

Ta-da! Halloween display complete.

You can always decorate for less when shopping at Family Dollar.


home security that won’t break your budget

***Guest Editorial***

Far too many people decide not to opt for improved home security simply because they hear that more advanced security features and home alarms can be quite expensive. After all, as long as you keep your doors locked and maintain vigilance with regard to basic, common sense safety, you should be fairly secure most of the time. However, as you will discover if you do a bit of research on sites like Home Security Family, there are actually options well worth exploring, which shouldn’t cost you an inordinate amount of money. Here are a few words on some of the more important home security features that you could be adding to your house, and different packages offered by security companies.

The basic “Standard” ADT security package, for example, which so many people have had installed in their homes, costs $35.99 a month, and gives you a number of very important security features. To begin with, your home will be equipped with a basic home alarm, complete with a digital keypad, a keychain remote for the alarm system, and the high-pitched alarm itself (as well as the ability of your alarm to contact the authorities if necessary). In addition, your home will have a motion detector system, which basically serves as a backup to your alarm, and which is also pet sensitive, which helps you to avoid unnecessary alarms. And finally, you will also be given a yard sign and window stickers, all of which advertise the fact that you are protected by a home security system. This in itself can actually be a major deterrent against crime.

This of course is only one example of a security package, though the Standard ADT security package is quite popular among people who wish to upgrade the safety features in their homes. In ADT’s case, you can get a few extra benefits for $5 or $10 more per month, and you can also add additional features such as security cameras or even laser trip wires. As you can see, however, the basic system – which is really quite extensive and protective – is not an extremely large burden on your wallet, at $35 a month.

Of course, you can only benefit by researching a bit more, and making sure that you find the best possible deal. Getting the most value for your payments is always important. However, there is no overstating the importance of home security for you and your family. For a price as low as the $35/month deal discussed above, you may be ensuring the safety of your loved ones.




someone likes pink…

I had a little extra time last weekend so I decided to tackle my upstairs hallway. I had wallpapered it a few years ago with this lovely floral wallpaper I had coveted for so long. Then I made the brilliant decision to paper the stair risers which now clashed with the hallway paper.  The clash of the two wallpapers was driving me crazy! So, off came the hallway wallpaper and in came the pink paint. I had a heck of a time trying to decide on a color. It was between an ice blue, a cream or a pink. I settled with pink (since I seem to be drawn to anything and everything pink these days).

I bought this horrendous plastic faux gold mirror last month at a thrift store for $6.99.

I originally thought I would paint it a lovely shade of lime green…or perhaps hot pink…but opted to use it at the head of the stairs…

…and figured white would be best.

My child complains that the hallway now looks like a “baby’s room”, but I’m happy with it…for now. That’s the joy of paint, it can be changed in a few short hours!

pretty, pretty, pretty

Because I desperately wanted this but could not see myself spending that kind of money on a light fixture, I decided to do a bit of searching and was lucky enough to find these clever crafters who where generous enough to share their ideas here and here. And…several days later…I now have 2 lovely faux capiz shell chandeliers.

I installed one in my bedroom and will use the other on the patio (that is, if the weather ever cooperates). Even though they are a bit time consuming to make, I love the look of them so much I may even make another for my hallway!

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