what are the chances?

Remember this…

the retro dresser I found at the local thrift store and made into our tv stand? What are the chances that I would find another dresser just like this one? Apparently, pretty good because I found another at our local thrift store…exactly like the first one! This dresser wasn’t as pristine as the last one but it was marked down to $17. YES, $17!!! I knew I could work my magic for that price. In typical Nifty Thrifty Girl fashion, I was so anxious to transform the piece that I forgot to take some before pics to show how ugly it was. I did snap some photos of the drawers so you can get the idea of its gold/yellow ugliness…

And a shot of it primed…

And…the finished product…

Our new dining room buffet. I thought the original drawer pulls & knobs were pretty cool so I painted them with a satin nickel spray paint and re-installed them.

Not bad for a mere $17, eh? I spent more on the paint & spray paint than I did on the dresser!

Have a project you’d like help with? Don’t hesitate to contact me! ┬áStay tuned for more re-dos that I will be offering for sale.




retro dresser re-do

I was lucky enough to stumble across this 5′ dresser at my local thrift store. For a mere $49 this gem (that needed a little TLC) came home with me!

I’ve been wanting to replace my giant, cottage-looking armoire that held my tv for some time now and I knew this piece would make the perfect contemporary tv console. So…with a little paint and some new drawer pulls…let me introduce you to my new tv console…

I’m thrilled with the results. It’s a much needed change from the old armoire, plus, it makes the living room look so much bigger.

side table make-over

A few weeks ago my daughter and I headed out for a little shopping. I had been thinking about a pair of side tables I had seen at an antique store. I’ve been wanting side tables for quite some time and I couldn’t get these off my mind. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for but the price was right, at $36 for the pair. Instead of heading to the antique store I took the chance and headed to the local thrift store. With those side tables still in my mind, I couldn’t believe what was sitting in front of me when I walked into the thrift store. Two perfectly adorable side tables.

They needed some major TLC but at a mere $8.99 (!) each, I knew they would be coming home with me.

I cleaned them up, sanded them lightly and gave them several coats of paint. I also sprayed the handles with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint. And here are the little darlings now:

I just love these little tables and I found the perfect matching lamps for them once they are in place in my living room!

Kitchen Remodel – Part II – Finale!

Yes, the kitchen is finally completed. Hurrah! I’m tired, seeing as I just spent hours drilling holes for the cabinet hardware, my cordless screwdriver bit the dust and I had to use a regular screwdriver to install all 23 handles. After searching high and low for the perfect handles I was so happy to find them at Target. Here are some before and after pictures to show the progress…and the final outcome. Enjoy!

















Next on the to-do list: painting the floor. That will have to wait for warmer weather as the backyard is a muddy mess and I have a daily routine of cleaning puppy paw prints off the floors.



So glad the kitchen is completed. Now, time for bed. Good night!

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