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  1. Yea….nice RACK!

    What idea do you have for a rack with old glass door knobs?


    Oh…I’d do the same thing. Grab a cool old cupboard door and attach the door knobs. That would look great!

  2. I’m wondering if you know the name of one of the IKEA pillows you used in the “Mini Bedroom Redo” post from Feb. 10, 2010. The small pillow (white, black lines, some abstract color patterns) in the middle of the trio on the bed is the one in question. We have that pillow and my daughter has loved it to death. I’m hoping to track down a similar pillow or pattern, if its possible. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I believe the pattern is called Bettan Blom. We got that pillow long ago and I’m pretty sure Ikea no longer carries it. Maybe try eBay? Hope this info helps!

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