someone likes pink…

I had a little extra time last weekend so I decided to tackle my upstairs hallway. I had wallpapered it a few years ago with this lovely floral wallpaper I had coveted for so long. Then I made the brilliant decision to paper the stair risers which now clashed with the hallway paper.  The clash of the two wallpapers was driving me crazy! So, off came the hallway wallpaper and in came the pink paint. I had a heck of a time trying to decide on a color. It was between an ice blue, a cream or a pink. I settled with pink (since I seem to be drawn to anything and everything pink these days).

I bought this horrendous plastic faux gold mirror last month at a thrift store for $6.99.

I originally thought I would paint it a lovely shade of lime green…or perhaps hot pink…but opted to use it at the head of the stairs…

…and figured white would be best.

My child complains that the hallway now looks like a “baby’s room”, but I’m happy with it…for now. That’s the joy of paint, it can be changed in a few short hours!

from pathetic to pink

A few weeks ago my town had it’s annual spring clean up – which means tons of junk that people clean out of their houses is put roadside for pickup. I’ve always looked forward to this time of year so I could scour the streets for junk treasures. Like they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

This year, however, because I am trying to purge I decided I would avoid looking. Ha. When I took my dogs out for a walk early on the first ‘trash’ day they stopped at a roadside pile and sniffed. And what to my wondering eyes did appear…but two vintage basket weave metal patio chairs. I gazed at them, pondered, shrugged them off and decided to go on my way. Hours later I could not stop thinking about them! So…I went back and they must have been meant to be mine because they were still there.

Here is their before and after:

After much scraping, metal brushing, rust removal, priming and painting, I have a lovely pair of pink patio chairs!

retro dresser re-do

I was lucky enough to stumble across this 5′ dresser at my local thrift store. For a mere $49 this gem (that needed a little TLC) came home with me!

I’ve been wanting to replace my giant, cottage-looking armoire that held my tv for some time now and I knew this piece would make the perfect contemporary tv console. So…with a little paint and some new drawer pulls…let me introduce you to my new tv console…

I’m thrilled with the results. It’s a much needed change from the old armoire, plus, it makes the living room look so much bigger.

sweaters, sweaters…everywhere…

…and not just because it is frigid outside, but because I am obsessed with recycling old sweaters! I just made another trip to my local thrift store and loaded up with another batch of wool sweaters (and a few cotton ones, too). I have great plans for all these lovely sweaters…

Oh, so many things to be made…purses, pillows, coffee cozies and needle caddies. First, a few pillows:

I’d better get off the computer and back to work. Needle caddies coming up next! Stay tuned for updates. Many of these pieces can be purchased from my etsy shop…but some will not be listed as I have to work on my stock for this year’s Farmer’s Market booth.

Stay warm!

time to get cozy

I recently scoured my local thrift store with a friend and brought home several wool sweaters. I love to recycle old wool sweaters, felt them and make purses or pillows out of them. The sleeves of the sweaters usually go unused, until now. I found that the felted sweater sleeves fit perfectly over a coffee cup or travel mug. I embellished each cozy differently with crochet edging, embroidery and felt accents. How fun to have a cool, recycled cute cozy for your coffee! You’ll be the envy of all your friends!!

Did you know that it is estimated that 14 billion cups of coffee are served every year wrapped in a single-use, cardboard coffee sleeves which ends up adding up to 2.8 billion pounds of trash? Ugh. That makes my stomach sink. But…YOU can save a tree, be proud that you’ve used an up-cycled item…plus, look super stylish with my new coffee cozies!

The coffee cozies are great eco-friendly gifts for under $10 and are now available in my Etsy shop. You can click the “SHOP” tab above or click on my Etsy showcase on the right sidebar. Valentine’s Day is upon us so grab your coffee lover a cute coffee cozy!

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