stair/hallway re-do

In typical Niftythriftygirl fashion, I like to change things up every few years so, while I really liked the look of my wallpapered stair risers, I was a bit sick of looking at the pattern every single day. This is what it looked like…

DSC02815Initially I was going to select a new, less busy pattern for the risers since the wallpaper route is really the simplest option. Once I started looking at papers I came across this one that I fell in love with…

Picture 1and decided to go an entirely different route. I was actually getting a bit sick of the pink hallway walls, as well…

DSC02832So, I decided to paper the wall at the top of the stairs with the new pattern and paint the remainder of the pink walls a Behr color called “Roman Plaster” (a light, gray/beige shade). I then decided I would paint the stair treads black and leave the risers white. Why, oh why, do I always create more work for myself?!

I removed all of the old wallpaper (easy as pie!), primed half of the stair treads and started painting.

IMG_6038I was worried I wouldn’t like the final look and that it might be too dark since there is only a small window in the upstairs hallway so before I went on I started hanging the paper.


IMG_6037-001Oh, how I love the look of this paper! I decided that the black & white combo would be a perfect, classic look so I went on and finished the stairs.

IMG_6041-001I am thrilled with the final result!

IMG_6042-001So, stay tuned because in another 3-4 years I will surely be changing the stairs again!

rainy day project

It’s been raining for days and I’m getting cabin fever so I had to come up with a fun project to lift my spirits.

We just cleaned the deck and arranged the new wicker furniture so I decided to make some coasters for the coffee table. I wanted something durable since they will be used outside…not sure if these will hold up, but I’ll let you know how they weather!

I purchased some stone tile…


Cleaned them well with soap and water and headed out to the garage with a can of chalkboard spray paint…

IMG_2731I let the spray paint dry for 24 hrs, then prepped the surface by rubbing it with chalk.

I added some bumpers to the bottom…

IMG_2736And presto!….some super cute chalkboard coasters…


new (old) kitchen cabinet

I’ve been searching for the perfect sized cabinet to go in my kitchen…and I finally found it! It’s a vintage Hoosier-type go along cabinet. My friend has a great antique barn business and I just happened to pop in one day and there was the cabinet, sitting right in front of me.

My kitchen walls are a dark brown color so I knew the yellowy-beige & white color combo on the cabinet would work well. It did, however, need a little tweaking so I decided to hand stencil the front panels.

I found a template online and reduced it to the size I needed. I then simply traced the pattern on the cabinet with a pencil…

Then used a small flat paintbrush and followed along the interior of the design.

It was time consuming but oh, so worth it. I love the final result!

mirror makeover

I love when I find an inexpensive, decorative mirror at a yard sale or thrift store and this mirror was no exception. It was a mere $2 and I knew it would look great spray painted.

So, for my last spray painting project of the year I chose a nice, bright yellow…

It looks great on my gray walls. So, the next time you see one of these ugly gold mirrors…don’t be afraid…take it home and make it lovely!!

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