new (old) kitchen cabinet

I’ve been searching for the perfect sized cabinet to go in my kitchen…and I finally found it! It’s a vintage Hoosier-type go along cabinet. My friend has a great antique barn business and I just happened to pop in one day and there was the cabinet, sitting right in front of me.

My kitchen walls are a dark brown color so I knew the yellowy-beige & white color combo on the cabinet would work well. It did, however, need a little tweaking so I decided to hand stencil the front panels.

I found a template online and reduced it to the size I needed. I then simply traced the pattern on the cabinet with a pencil…

Then used a small flat paintbrush and followed along the interior of the design.

It was time consuming but oh, so worth it. I love the final result!

mirror makeover

I love when I find an inexpensive, decorative mirror at a yard sale or thrift store and this mirror was no exception. It was a mere $2 and I knew it would look great spray painted.

So, for my last spray painting project of the year I chose a nice, bright yellow…

It looks great on my gray walls. So, the next time you see one of these ugly gold mirrors…don’t be afraid…take it home and make it lovely!!

show your colors

I am a huge proponent of using paint to redo almost anything. It is definitely the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to make over a room (or even a piece of furniture!).

I am constantly changing the colors of my rooms…and my furniture. Here are just a few examples of my latest projects:

A poor, banged up highboy that needed some TLC…

My new dining room sideboard…

My dining room…

And my newly painted bedroom…

One of the most difficult things when starting a project is making that final paint color choice. I love to have a myriad of references at my disposal and one of my favorites is My Colortopia. The site features several color tools and it’s new section – Show Your Colors – allows readers to upload their own before and after paint project photos.

There is nothing I like better than to sneak a peek into someone else’s home and gather ideas! You really MUST check this out!! So many fantastic, fresh ideas…

You, too, can upload your own photos. Its super easy. Just click on Visit My Colortopia to get started. Then click on the “Before & Afters” section, sign up, and start uploading your photos.

Another great feature in the new “Before & Afters” section is the “Get paint colors from this photo” option. If you see a color you like, just click on that option and it will take you to  a selection of color palettes to browse through. How great is that? Now you don’t even have to leave your home to search for the perfect color!

I have been sponsored by Glidden® brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


file drawer re-do

Oh, how I love spray paint…and industrial-type storage pieces. So, when my sister gave me this file drawer I knew it would soon be pink!

I was originally planning on using it in my bedroom to store jewelry, but now I’m not sure. It sure looks cute in my living room with the gray walls! Decisions, decisions….

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