Spring Cleaning is Just Around the Corner {Guest Post by Eva Stephen}

Spring Cleaning is Just Around the Corner

Though January 1st officially marks the beginning of a year and some of us even make ambitious resolutions to change whatever we don’t like about our lives, the real makeover usually doesn’t happen until spring.

Spring is a great motivator. The sun shining and birds chirping are enough to put butterflies in our stomachs and make us feel strangely energized. As we start feeling new and ready to make some radical changes within ourselves and in our surroundings, so is our home ready for a general makeover.

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Say goodbye to clutter

Set aside a few days and get your whole family together for a spring cleaning adventure. You can’t do this kind of heave-duty work alone and in one day. After you organized this serious group activity, you can proceed to step one, which is: de-cluttering.

Experienced home cleaners know that spring is the best time for de-cluttering – letting go of old, unused things. Get rid of everything you are not using anymore: clothes, books, all kinds of papers, freezer bags full of expired food, half-functioning appliances, etc. This part of the action will take a long time, especially since we tend to dwell over things we have to part with – even if we don’t use them at all.

Don’t throw all your unnecessary items away immediately. First try to donate things that are still in good shape to charity, or ask your friends and family if they’d have use of any of those things.

Make the house shine

The next step is to clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Make sure you give those kitchen and bathroom tiles, wood floors, furniture upholstery and windows some good scrubbing. Give Tub N Tile a try to shine your washroom and kitchen tiles.

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Remove cobwebs from corners, vacuum clean under sofas and beds and most importantly: put away furniture and other items that are overcrowding your house and making it difficult to keep tidy. Spring is a good time to remove all rugs from the house and put them away until winter. Hopefully, you have a basement or attic or any other storage space where you can keep extra stuff until the warm season is over.

Time for a makeover

Now that your home is de-cluttered, organized and tidy, you can start focusing on the more pleasant part of spring cleaning.

1) Freshen up your walls by repainting them, or painting them some different colour. Use vibrant, cheerful tones in line with the upcoming season. Put up new wall decoration – paintings, photos in interesting-looking DIY frames, posters, your kids’ drawings or some exotic wall art.

2) Freshen up your furniture by spray-painting it to make it look vintage, or change your furniture upholstery. Select a happy pattern to match the season’s mood. You can also reupholster your armchair, bedding, sofa pillows and put up new curtains. Check out Shop 4 Furniture for traditional and modern furniture collection.

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3) Bring in more plants and put them in vibrant-coloured pots that you can paint yourself. Let the plants enliven your living room. Place flowers on your dining room table.

4) Spend time choosing details around the house: candles and vases in the dining room, bookshelves in the study and living room, new mirrors or vintage nightstand for the bedroom, perhaps a modern looking tapestry for the hallway. You can also spend time redecorating your kitchen, placing little shelves for sauces above the oven or cupboard, or attaching fun magnets to the fridge.

There are many more ways to freshen up your home once the springs sets in. Approach the spring cleaning task with joy and optimism, and you’ll end up with a wonderful place everyone will love to visit.

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