from pathetic to pink

A few weeks ago my town had it’s annual spring clean up – which means tons of junk that people clean out of their houses is put roadside for pickup. I’ve always looked forward to this time of year so I could scour the streets for junk treasures. Like they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

This year, however, because I am trying to purge I decided I would avoid looking. Ha. When I took my dogs out for a walk early on the first ‘trash’ day they stopped at a roadside pile and sniffed. And what to my wondering eyes did appear…but two vintage basket weave metal patio chairs. I gazed at them, pondered, shrugged them off and decided to go on my way. Hours later I could not stop thinking about them! So…I went back and they must have been meant to be mine because they were still there.

Here is their before and after:

After much scraping, metal brushing, rust removal, priming and painting, I have a lovely pair of pink patio chairs!

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3 thoughts on “from pathetic to pink

  1. Hi!! Love these chairs!! I was wondering what paint you used?? Im wanting to redo my metal outdoor chairs as well and want hot pink!

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