diy: hand-stamped curtains

With the suffering economy I, for one, knew I could never afford the fabulous Ballard Design curtains that I had been yearning for…

drapery panels from Ballard Design

Instead of b00-hooing about the fact that I could never afford these curtains, I decided to try my hand at hand-stamping my own curtains. I had two pairs of white sheer panels that I had purchased at our local dollar store (total for two pairs: $20). I would have preferred a heavier fabric but since I already had these curtains I decided to use them.  I had some black fabric paint on hand, so all I needed to do was design a stamp.

I first looked at several medallion patterns online and made a few sketches. Since the homemade stamp was going to require a lot of fine cut work I decided to use the simplest design.

I traced my design onto some craft foam, cut it out using an X-acto knife…

…glued the cut out design to a wood block…and presto! A homemade stamp was born.

I spread one curtain over my dining room table and went to work stamping. I quickly learned that the panels shifted easily, causing the paint to smear, so I placed a white sheet of paper under each area that was to be stamped and heat-set the design with a blower dryer before moving on to another area.

In about two hours (phew!) I had new curtains that cost a fraction of what I would have spent on designer panels!

In the future I will be looking for heavier weight panels (probably a cotton/twill blend) as these sheers are great for summer, but I would prefer something sturdier for the winter months.

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10 thoughts on “diy: hand-stamped curtains

  1. Oh gee, why am I NOT surprised that you pulled this off? Because your creative talents never cease to amaze me. These turned out lovely. Making that stamp w/ foam is genius! Thank you for sharing your ideas…. it’s always fun to see what you’re up to!

    Thank you, Mabs! I’m happy to share and happy to receive comments from you, dear!!

  2. Yours looks as good as the designer ones. Great job!

    Thank you, Ruthie! That means alot coming from someone with great taste like you!!

  3. i am so copying you, sorry but i love it. i have been looking for graphic curtains but i just cant afford them for all the windows i need, so this is great.

  4. You can so copy me! The next time I do the hand-stamping (now that I’ve got the process down) I’m going to use heavier weight curtains and design a more intricate stencil. You can’t beat the cost of these graphic hand-stamped panels!

  5. this is exactly what i was looking to do. I’ve been searching for fabric in the colors i want to decorate my living room in and just not happy with anything so why not do my own. I’m going to try using 2-3 colors so we’ll see 🙂 thanks for the tutorial… what kind of foam did you use to make your stamp?

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