Weekend Room Re-Do

A little paint and some inexpensive fabric can go a long way. My daughter is growing up and decided that her girly pink room had to go. Boo hoo. Unfortunately, I never snapped pictures of the ‘pink’ room in all it’s glory but you can get the idea from the few photos I will share with you.

When changing a room over I like to grab several paint swatches, tape them to the wall and ‘live’ with the colors for a bit before I make my decision. Well, my daughter had her own ideas and immediately fell in love with a lovely shade of blue from one of the swatches, so we went with it.

BEFORE – the PINK room


The pink gingham roman shades were removed from the windows, as well as the shutters to make way for new window treatments.



AFTER – the BLUE room


While shopping for paint I happened to pass by the fabric clearance rack and spotted this funky fabric that I knew my daughter would love…so I stitched up some panels. The blue fabric combined with the brown polka dots = oh, la, la! I had to persuade her into allowing me to use the brown polka dotted fabric. She insisted that it was ‘babyish’.



We scoured the stores for a bedding ensemble that would match the walls. It didn’t take long for my daughter to spot this set…and it looks perfect:


So, for approximately $80 (the majority of the money was spent on the bedding) I completely changed a room – in one weekend.

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