The Writing’s On The Wall

When I couldn’t find the perfect chalk board for my kitchen I decided I would make my own. I had an idea of what I wanted, so I began searching yard sale after yard sale until I found the perfect frame. It was a mere $1.00 Yes…$1.00. I painted the frame, took a thin piece of Masonite and cut it to size, sprayed it with several coats of black chalkboard paint, and mounted it in the frame. Voila…a custom chalkboard.

I also added a piece of chalk tied to a string so it’s easily accessible for writing grocery lists.

Since we’re on the subject of chalkboards, another fun find was this Chautauqua Desk:

I found this piece at an auction for $3.00. It was in pretty rough shape and missing many parts. I was interested in the chalkboard and managed to salvage it. I put a hanger on the back and this lovely piece now hangs on my porch wall to welcome guests.

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