Let the Sunshine In

Some windows just don’t need fancy window treatments. I tend to use very simple window treatments such as roman shades or light, airy lace panels. When I have a miss-matched window (one that doesn’t match any of the others in the room) or a single window in a room that I would prefer to let as much light through as possible, I use one of my favorite window treatment tricks – a salvaged stained glass window.

Vintage stained glass windows come in all shapes, sizes and varying colors. My very first stained glass window was purchased at a flea market for only $15. I pulled another window out of my neighbor’s trash! In a few easy steps you can have a fabulous piece of stained glass hanging in one of your windows.

Once you choose a stained glass window all you have to do is bring it home and give it a good cleaning. I like to use Ecover Multi-purpose cleaner – it’s environmentally friendly and has a light, lemon scent. Murphy’s Oil soap also works well. I chose to leave my stained glass windows untouched – just like I found them. If you prefer a cleaner, more polished look you can sand the wood frame, and use a wood stain or paint.

Project Skill: Beginner

You will need:

  • Drill
  • 2 sets of screw eyes and c hook screws

  • Pencil

To hang the stained glass window:

  • Drill two holes in the top of the stained glass window frame approximately 3 inches from either edge.

  • Insert the eye screws into top of window frame.
  • Have someone hold the window so you can mark the appropriate spots to drill for the c-hooks in your window frame.
  • Drill holes and insert c hook screws.

  • Mount stained glass window on c hooks.

Another creative and inexpensive way to make your home cozy!

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One thought on “Let the Sunshine In

  1. Stained glass windows are so lovely …especially when some sunshine gets in them.

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, they are lovely…that’s why I love to use them and am always looking for more!

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