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Do you have boxes and boxes of your child’s adorable artwork in storage? Are you tired of not knowing how to display this artwork? After my daughter tearfully asked me, “Mommy, why don’t you hang any of my drawings?”, I had flash of creativity and came up with this oh-so-simple solution to display my daughter’s artwork. All you need is a little bit of time and you can have a quick-change wall gallery for your child.


Project skill: BEGINNER

You will need:

A spool of chenille rickrack

2 flat headed thumbtacks

2 large buttons

Craft glue


Craft paint (if you choose to paint the clothespins)

Before assembling the “Clothesline Art Gallery” you need to prepare the clothespins and the button thumbtacks:

I chose to paint each clothespin individually which should be done several days ahead of time to ensure proper drying. If you don’t want to paint each clothespin you could also embellish them with any of the nifty decorative notions they now sell at craft stores. Scrapbooking sections are a great place to find stickers, die cuts, felt cutouts, ribbon, etc.


Next, you will need to assemble the button thumbtacks. This, also, should be done several days in advance to allow time for the glue to set. Place a dab of craft glue on each thumbtack and position the button accordingly.


To assemble the “Clothesline Art Gallery”:

  • Measure the rickrack and cut to desired length.
  • Poke thumbtacks at either end of rickrack.
  • Position on wall and push thumbtack into place.
  • Add clothespins and display art!


This project is so easy to assemble and provides ease in allowing you to change out the artwork as your child creates new masterpieces. What better way to make your child proud of their artistic accomplishments?

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5 thoughts on “Clothesline Art Gallery

  1. I LOVE your blog.. I hope you update it soon!! would love to see more ideas!!!!

    Thanks so much! I’ve been terribly busy but will update soon…plus, I will be adding an online store…check back soon!

  2. What a cute idea! At first glance I thought it was hanging on vintage pink telephone coil.

    I love how you painted the pins. I have some old plastic ones that don’t need painting and came in all colors.

    I agree with flipflop – KUTGW!

    Hi Avenue Girl,

    Thanks for stopping by…and for the comment. Ooooo old plastic clothespins would be cool!

  3. Sah-weet! Killer Idea girl! I love that you are recycling too- fabulous!

    Tha-anks! The little one thought it was pretty nifty when I created her own ‘gallery’. Now that she’s older she’s embarrassed about having her artwork displayed.

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