deck lift

Wow, so sorry for the long absence. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted. Shame on me.

Spring is in the air in WNY so I decided it was time to get out and start some projects. First in line – the deck. Our deck is about 16 years old and was looking pretty shabby so I felt it needed a little face lift. While researching what products were best for deck face lifts I came across this post and,of course, knew right away I had to try this project.

First, I had to stain our poor, sad looking deck.


I used Thompson’s Water Seal Transparent Deck Stain in Acorn Brown. What a HUGE difference the stain made. I was thrilled with the results and almost didn’t want to do another thing to the deck but my crafty-need-for-projects side decided to go ahead with the mandala pattern. So, as the sun was setting last evening I grabbed a glass of wine and started chalking in the design.


Next step, chalk paint.



I let it cure over night then lightly sanded the design and coated it with another layer of the Thompson’s.


I love how the the coat of Thompson’s gives it that aged patina vs. the stark white that it started out as.



Now on to the next project…hopefully, something to do with the camper!

house bound

What does one do when their car breaks down, it’s the coldest week of the year and is stuck in the house? Stencil the bedroom wall, of course. I grew very tired of cleaning and organizing last week when I was housebound so I decided the bedroom wall needed some pizzazz. I grabbed my trusty Moroccan stencil and started chalking the outline. I decided I didn’t really want a standout design, I wanted something more subtle, yet metallic, so I used my mercury glaze instead of paint. The pics were taken when the paint was still wet so I’m hoping it will tone down a bit once dry.





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