Bathroom Re-do

After about 10 years I grew tired of looking at the same old blue wallpaper in our bathroom.  There is so much moisture that the seams had started to come unglued.


I needed a change so I decided to strip the walls. Little did I know that this was what I would find underneath…



I thought about just re-papering but didn’t want to bother with the hassle knowing, that too, would need to be stripped again some day, so I decided to skim coat the walls. Luckily, they are small and the bottom half is wainscoting so it wasn’t too terrible of a job.


While searching the internet for ideas for the wall I found this lovely stencil from Royal Design Studio. I had planned on going with a dark wall color and lighter stencil color but everyone voted me down on that idea because they thought the bathroom was already too dark and small. So, I went with Swiss Coffee on the walls and a light gray for the stencil.

I got to work this afternoon stenciling the bathroom walls.

IMAG0707It wasn’t too taxing, but since the stencil was so large it was tough to fit it into the corners without making a mess so I only stenciled two walls, leaving two small sections plain white on either side of the window. I am very pleased with how it turned out.




Craft Street Design

I was recently asked by Craft Street Design to review a product from one of the many inspirational and motivational quotes offered at craftstreetdesign. My first impression of the website was that the designs were extremely clean, crisp and minimal – exactly what I look for when decorating. There are so many excellent quotes to chose from it took me quite some time to finally decide on the one that was perfect for my home.

The print arrived neatly packaged with a personal “name” tag, which I thought was super thoughtful!



The print is of excellent quality and comes with a substantial backing for framing. I popped the print into one of my Ikea frames and couldn’t be happier with the way it looks.


It looks absolutely lovely with my other framed prints and photos. I will definitely be visiting craftstreetdesign often to add to my motivational quote collection! Please make sure you take a look at all that craftstreetdesign has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

I received this inspirational print free in turn for writing this review. Craft Street Design has not provided any other compensation. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

deck lift

Wow, so sorry for the long absence. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted. Shame on me.

Spring is in the air in WNY so I decided it was time to get out and start some projects. First in line – the deck. Our deck is about 16 years old and was looking pretty shabby so I felt it needed a little face lift. While researching what products were best for deck face lifts I came across this post and,of course, knew right away I had to try this project.

First, I had to stain our poor, sad looking deck.


I used Thompson’s Water Seal Transparent Deck Stain in Acorn Brown. What a HUGE difference the stain made. I was thrilled with the results and almost didn’t want to do another thing to the deck but my crafty-need-for-projects side decided to go ahead with the mandala pattern. So, as the sun was setting last evening I grabbed a glass of wine and started chalking in the design.


Next step, chalk paint.



I let it cure over night then lightly sanded the design and coated it with another layer of the Thompson’s.


I love how the the coat of Thompson’s gives it that aged patina vs. the stark white that it started out as.



Now on to the next project…hopefully, something to do with the camper!

beaded leather wrap bracelets are here!

I’ve been on a bracelet-making kick lately. They are all available in my etsy shop: Please pop over and check them out!


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